Mares Vento Snorkel Set

The Mares Vento Set is a mask and snorkel set that combines the low profile and lightweight Vento mask with a snorkel that is fitted with a wave deflector and purge valve for convenience and enjoyment. The set comes in both adults and kids size.




Mares Vento Snorkelling Set

Suitable for adults, this Mares Vento Snorkelling set is perfect for beginners to start with for your next beach holiday!  Made of soft silicone, the seal is great for most adults.

The Vento Mask is a single lens low profile mask with minimalist frame for excellent visibility. The reverse teardrop shape of the lens allows an improved lower field of view which when combined with the raked angle of the skirt helps to move the frame outside of your field of view.This is particularly useful for snorkelers as it reduces the need to tilt the head forward to see objects below you which runs the risk of dipping the snorkel in the water.The mask strap is secured directly to the soft silicone skirt to reduce the stress and movement passed through to mask and helps to eliminate breaks in the seal that can allow water to enter the mask.

The snorkel is fitted with a wave deflector cap over the top of the snorkel to help direct any water that laps over the snorkel from entering the tube. A sliding strap retainer allows simple attachment of the mask strap whilst providing height adjustment for optimal mouthpiece positioning.

The lower section of the snorkel has a fixed angle corrugated section that keeps the mouthpiece close to the mouth when not in use. A purge chamber and one way valve help to collect any water that does enter the snorkel and allow it to drain or be purged out via the one way valve. A 100% soft silicone mouthpiece makes the snorkel comfortable use.


  • Low profile single lens mask
  • 100% silicone skirt
  • Wave deflector snorkel top
  • Purge chamber with one way valve
  • 100% silicone mouthpiece