Diving Equipment Servicing

Get your scuba diving equipment servicing done on time from Waikiki Dive Centre.

Why Do You Need to Service Your Dive Equipment?

If you have your own set of dive equipment, regular servicing is crucial. Servicing helps increase the durability of your diving equipment. It is never a good idea to undermine the importance of diving equipment servicing as neglecting it paves the way to equipment failure underwater, which can put your life at risk. Most dive gear servicing includes battery replacements, regulator servicing, and BCD servicing, and at times of equipment failure, you may have to look into further repairs and replacement of different parts. With proper equipment servicing done by a professional, you can ensure your safety while diving.

How Often Should You Service Your Diving Equipment?

No matter how high-quality your scuba diving equipment is, parts eventually wear down and can start to leak, necessitating maintenance and replacement. Manufacturers advise having your equipment serviced once a year, or after around every 50 dives, similar to how you should have your automobile serviced. People frequently believe that they don’t need to get their equipment maintained if they haven’t been using it, but this is untrue. Long durations of dry storage for your diving equipment can cause vital components, such as O-rings, to dry out. In some cases, not using your equipment can result in a greater requirement for maintenance.

Are you getting ready for a vacation and believe you may carry your scuba diving gear in the day before your flight? Think again. You should plan to take your equipment in for servicing at least 1-2 weeks before you’re scheduled to go because the turnaround period for diving equipment servicing is typically 7 days 3 to 4 days.

Not only should you think about the time needed for repair, but you should also test your equipment at home after servicing it before taking it with you. Why? Because more things might need to be fixed, some settings might need to be adjusted, and you might require some time to fine-tune your equipment once again to your preferred settings.

Why Choose Waikiki Dive Centre for Diving Equipment Servicing?

Waikiki Dive Centre has a seamless diving equipment servicing system. From scuba regulator servicing to battery change, we offer all kinds of diving gear services including BCD repair and regulator or BCD spare part replacement. At Waikiki Dive Centre, we want to provide you with the best service at the most affordable rates.

As a leading dive centre in Singapore, we put your safety first. In our scuba diving equipment servicing, all battery replacements come with a brand new battery change and go through a mandatory wet chamber test to verify their reliability underwater.

At Waikiki Dive Centre we follow our own after-service warranty program. For scuba regulator servicing, we offer a 3-month warranty period excluding hoses; while dive computer servicing is a 6-month warranty period package excluding any system crash.

Waikiki Dive Centre is an authorised servicing centre for Atomic Aquatics, Mares, Aqualung, Apeks, Cressi Sub, Seac Sub, OMS, Sherwood, Suunto, and many other popular brands. With a dedicated servicing room and all special tools for every regulator, we can take care of your valuable dive gear until it meets your satisfaction. Contact us today to get your scuba gear serviced by top industry professionals.

Please refer to the chart below for general pricing and information.

BCD Servicing

Servicing Charges (Service Kit + Labour)

BCD Inflator SGD $80
Air Source (Air 2) SGD $95
Regulator Servicing

Servicing Charges (Service Kit + Labour)

Apeks regulator set SGD $220
Aqualung regulator set SGD $220
Atomic Aquatics regulator set SGD $220
Mares regulator set SGD $220
Oceanic regulator set SGD $220
Scubapro regulator set SGD $220
Other regulator set ask
Environmentally sealed regulators add SGD $55 (oxygen grease)
Battery Change

Servicing Charges (Battery + Chamber Test)

Suunto: Cobra / Vyper / Vytec / Gekko / Zoop SGD $85
Suunto: Mosquito / Favor / Solution / Others ask
Suunto: Spyder / D4 / D6 / D9 SGD $85
Mares: Puck SGD $85
Mares: Nemo / Excel SGD $85
Oceanic: Atom / Geo SGD $85
Uwatec: Aladin One / Prime / Tec SGD $85
Transmitter SGD $85
Other dive computer models