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Welcome to Waikiki Dive Centre, Singapore. We have been in the diving industry since 1994, tremendously working towards customer satisfaction. Visit our all-in-one dive shop in Singapore to find all the diving equipment you need under one roof.

We have ready stock on equipment for scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, and many other water sports for purchase at Waikiki Dive Centre. So you can rest assured that we carry the most variety to suit anyone and any size.

As a leading dive store in Singapore, not only do we sell scuba dive equipment, but also we offer other essential services including dive gear servicing of scuba regulator, battery change, air refill, or Helium refill services to make your experience complete.

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Dive Gear Rental:

We offer diving gear rental for scuba diving, photo shoots, snorkelling, and other aquatic activities.

Purchasing diving equipment is not an option for everyone. As a complete set of diving gear can cost a considerable amount, getting your own kit would not be practical unless you are a regular diver. At Waikiki Dive Centre, we offer diving gear rental for photo shoots, recreational dive trips, snorkelling, and other short-term diving purposes at affordable rates. Especially, if you are planning an overseas diving trip, we are ready to provide you with the best diving gear rental in Singapore as it is sometimes recommended to rent diving gear here and take it overseas on diving trips. This way, you can easily ensure that you have the correct size fitting on your dive gear.

Our Our Dive Shop Catalogue:

We have an extensive list of diving equipment!


At Waikiki Dive Centre, you can select all kinds of aquatic sports gear you need from our versatile catalogue. All you have to do is to browse through the list of diving equipment we have on our official website. Our extensive collection of equipment includes scuba gear, snorkelling equipment, swimming gear, and much more! We always prioritise your comfort and convenience, therefore, our diving gear is available both online and in-store. As we display innovative items in store all the time, you can easily make your pick online and visit our flagship store to purchase it, as it gives you an opportunity to test the equipment before buying.


Service your diving equipment on time at Waikiki Dive Centre!

Scuba dive equipment servicing should be done annually or as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. This ensures that your gear is always reliable and capable of keeping you safe. Waikiki Dive Centre is one of the best dive shops in Singapore where you can get your diving equipment serviced professionally. We are authorised by leading diving gear brands and we only use genuine components such as batteries during repairs and replacements. Our experienced staff always follows the standard servicing procedures recommended by the equipment manufacturers, hence you are guaranteed to receive your gear in excellent condition. Pay a visit to Waikiki Dive Centre- a top dive shop in Singapore to get your valuable diving gear serviced on time at affordable rates.

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