Shearwater Petrel Dive Computer

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Petrel OC/CC Standalone

Rugged Technical Dive Computer

2.4” Full Colour HD Display

Air, Nitrox, Trimix

Single AA Battery (Any Type)

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Shearwater Petrel OC/CC Standalone Dive Computer

Extreme Rugged Technical Dive Computer

The Shearwater Petrel Dive Computer from Shearwater Research of Canada incorporates a powerful feature set, easy to understand menus, easy to read full color display, Bluetooth wireless upload/download and a robust compact case. The Shearwater Petrel has been designed to accept any type of AA size battery including alkaline, lithium and rechargeables. Out of the box, both Shearwater Petrel models include open-circuit and closed-circuit Air, Nitrox and Trimix mixed gas functionality. The Shearwater Petrel-EXT adds a Fischer 103 I/O port used for external PO2 monitoring of up to three oxygen sensors in a rebreather loop.


The Varying Permeability Model (VPM) is a decompression algorithm that attempts to predict the behavior of bubbles within the human body during decompression. Compared to typical Bühlmann profiles, VPM dive profiles often have deeper initial stops that are believed to reduce bubble formation, along with reduced time at shallow depths. VPM-B (a version that includes adjustments for Boyles Law effects) is popular among the technical diving community for use in calculating dive tables with required stops. The algorithm was initially developed by David Yount based on laboratory observations of bubbles under pressure and coded into Fortran by Erik Baker. Shearwater Research has implemented VPM-B according to the original Erik Baker Fortran specification. VPM-B allows a conservatism factor to be adjusted over a range of 0 (least conservative) to +5 (most conservative), the default is +3. In addition to implementing the Baker reference version, Shearwater Research has added an enhanced version because some divers believe the reduced shallow depth stop times may be too short for lengthy VPM-B profiles. The Gradient Factor Surfacing (GFS) option adds conservatism to the shallow stops on dives with significant decompression requirements (dives with total required deco exceeding an hour.) The GFS option is a hybrid that automatically chooses the decompression ceiling from the more conservative of the VPM-B profile and a Bühlmann ZHL-16C profile. For the Bühlmann profile a single gradient factor is used, adjustable over a range of 70% (most conservative) to 99% (least conservative), the default is 90%.


Shearwater Petrel features…

2.4” Full Colour HD Display

Air, Nitrox, Trimix

Single AA Battery (Any Type)

Multiple Decompression Algorithms
•Bühlmann ZHL-16C with Gradient Factors
•User Adjustable Conservatism
Open Circuit, 5 Gases
Closed Circuit, 5 Gases
Optional VPM-B
Gauge Mode

Simple Yet Advanced User Interface
•2 Button Push OC Bailout
Colour Coded Warnings
Simple to Use Adaptive Menus
Automatic Screen Brightness

•Metric and Imperial
Flip Screen
Firmware Updates Via Bluetooth

Dive Logging
•1000 Hour Dive Log
Free Shearwater Desktop Software
Dive Log Downloads via Bluetooth
Third-Party Dive Log Software Compatiblity


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