Seac Sub Motus Fins

  • Model: interchangeable blade fin with closed foot pocket
  • Foot pocket material: made in two materials with different densities. Hard thermoplastic rubber for the sole and ribs, and soft around the foot to optimize the comfort/performance ratio
  • Blade material: special technopolymer with a formula that emphasizes its flexibility and responsiveness.


Seac Sub Motus Fins

Seac Sub Motus Fins is extremely versatile, and is a common favourite with both beginners and demanding free divers. The blade can be disassembled from the foot pocket, allowing the ease of transportation and also the ability to change the blade or foot pocket.

The foot pocket is dual density, with the foot pocket made from hard thermoplastic, and comfortable rubber on the sold and the ribs of the fins. This allows for a comfortable foot pocket, yet efficient energy transfer to power the fin. Free divers are advised to use a pair of neoprene socks with the Seac Sub Motus Fins.

The blade of the Seac Sub Motus comes at a 22 degrees angle, and is therefore powerful without tiring the diver. The blade is also interchangeable, and is designed to allow flexibility and response underwater.