Seac Sub Italia Asian Fit Mask

  • Model: dual-lens with wide field of vision
  • Frame: polycarbonate with chrome-plated metal screw seats and stainless steel screws
  • Skirt: soft silicone in differentiated thicknesses, with broad textured surfaces. Areas in contact with the face created to achieve a perfect fit. Asian Fit version specially designed for more slender faces
  • Strap: liquid silicone


Seac Sub Italia Asian Fit Mask

One of the latest product by Seac Sub in 2017, the new Seac Sub Italia Asian Fit definitely steps up the game. With the fantastic results of the Seac Sub E Fox Masks, most divers with smaller faces, mainly Asian face structures, can finally pinch their nose during equalisation, rather then using improperly fitted mask.

The Seac Sub Italia Asian Fit Mask is for divers who wants nothing but the best in both lens, and material quality. It is made in Italy and comes in many different metallic colours, so divers can match the mask accordingly with the rest of their dive gears. It also features a high scratch resistance coating on the frames.

The high quality liquid silicone is very lightweight and comfortable. The edges are finished with a curl, so as to prevent the common big red ring on the face, when the diver removes the mask on the surface. Softer silicone tends to seal better, and the textured nose pocket makes equalising easier even with gloves.

The lens are ultra clear with mirrored coating on the front to prevent harmful rays, yet allows plenty of light to pass through with the amber coating at the inside. This coating allows the diver to still see colours underwater.