Sea and Sea YS-03 Strobe with Tray Set

Packed as an entry level strobe, this comes packed with the camera tray set, and is suitable for any novice photographers! All set up is based on TTL, and you will be able to just point and shoot the underwater subject.



SEA and SEA YS-03 Strobe with Tray Set

For divers and photographers who are looking to buy strobe light with splendid features, Sea and Sea YS03 Strobe with Tray Set is the latest technology equipment that works with fiber-optic cable. YS 03 is a preferred strobe light with an optional universal lighting system which is inclusive of Flexible Arm 30, camera tray 200 and fiber optic cable II M/2 Connectors. Professionals all over the world trust this exceptional product YS-03 by Sea & Sea Strobe because of its convenient and flexible Slave TTL feature which has been outlined to produce the light intensity of camera’s in-built flash. Its rotary power switch controls and operations have been simplified and designed particularly for underwater photography for clicking pictures by swiftly turning the switch from OFF to TTL. The product comes with diffuser as a standard accessory that aids in obtaining softer and evenly exposed images. When overexposed images are produced, the diffuser with YS-03 strobe can be used to reduce the effect of strong light, shades or shadows in the images. It is a best-quality and highly engineered design product available at best price for you.