Problue Silicone Grease 60ml



Problue Silicone Grease 60ml

Keep your dive gears or more in mint shape with the Problue Silicone Grease 60ml.  100% Pure Lubricant for Scuba Regulators and more.

Made from food grade material, you can rest assure when using it for your diving apparatus.

Its ideal uses are listed as follow:

  • Rubber products such as O-rings
  • Regulator and valve system components
  • Breathing apparatus, B.C.D.s, hoses, cylinder O-rings, pressure systems, cameras
  • Waterproof flashlights, medical equipment, electrical connectors, pipe fittings and anywhere where resistance to moisture and degradation is desired
  • Moving metal parts

By applying silicone grease on your equipments, you can prevent your O-rings from drying and cracking, thus providing a better seal. It also helps preserve your equipments, and prolong its lifespan.

100% Pure Silicone, it is a small investment for protecting your expensive gear. Treat your equipment the right way and you can be guaranteed years worth of enjoyment.