Problue BG-8580 Multiple Pocket


Open up options to add more accessories with the Problue Accessory Multiple Pocket. 



Problue BG-8580 Multiple Pocket

Problue BG-8580 Multiple Pocket is made from standard Nylon, which make this accessory pocket very durable. It features a zipper on both main compartment and small compartment for easy access of items and prevent it from dropping, and is designed to be mounted on any standard nylon weight belts. It also features a grommeted drain hole and mesh for easy drainage when you surface back to land, and a clip for easy clip-on to any BCDs.

Perfectly sized for any accessories, such as reef hooks, SMBs, finger reels and etc.

Now you no longer have to be troubled about not having enough space for your little accessories.


  • 420 denier nylon and PVC mesh.
  • YKK #5 Delrin zipper and slider.
  • Attaches by sliding over the end of any 2” webbing.
  • The pocket can store any fingers spool and any alert marker or mini torch and etc…
  • Dimensions:(L) 15cm x (W) 11.5cm x (H) 17.8cm
  • Dimensions:(L) 5.9” x (W) 4.5” x (H) 7” (inches)

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