Problue AC115 Backplate BCD Assembly Screw


This assembly screws are used for attaching various soft/hard backplate. Designed to fit through a 3/8” hole, the screws include O-rings that create friction to help keep the screw in place.



Problue AC115 Backplate BCD Assembly Screw

Problue AC115 Backplate BCD Assembly Screw have been designed to fit through a 3/8″ hole and secure the back plate to the BCD. These screws can also be used for other general securing purposes where accessories or parts need to be fastened to your BCD through the eyelets. The bolts can be screwed in with either a coin or wide screwdriver and are held securely in place with a rubber o-ring at the base of either component. It is sold a piece.

Go for 500psi wetsuit & BC wash to clean thoroughly of any wetsuit / BCD! It is an anti-bacterial solution to help clean your equipment. It is also safe to use on any rubber neoprene, plastic and bladder components for cleaning. Just get a bucket of water, pour the solution onto the water and submerge & agitate your equipment. After that, rinse and hang dry it!

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