Princeton Tec League Dive Torch Light

Sorry, this item is now discontinued.

Princeton Tec League Torch Light


Light weight and comfortable shape make Princeton Tec’s League the ideal backup light in the water. League even feels good enough in hand to become your favorite on dry land. This unobtrusive light hides out of the way until it is turned on. The sculpted shape makes League feel like an extension of your hand, and it provides impressive output for its size.

Sorry, this item is now discontinued. You may be interested in these alternative products.

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Princeton Tec League Dive Torch Light

Princeton Tec League Dive Torch Light is measured in lumens. A lumen is unit derived by the International System of Units (SI) for measuring light output. With 4 x AA alkaline battery, it offers a powerful 210 lumens. This dive torch light is recommended for beginners to night diving.

The burn time of the torch is 10 hours which is sufficient for several night dives. A lanyard will come with the package and offers hands free operation when not in use.

Dive Tips

By using rechargeable batteries for replacement will save you a long term expenditure on batteries. It is also a good idea to take out the batteries after use as keeping them in the torch might have a battery leakage. Do NOT use low quality alkaline batteries as it will do more damage to your torch.


POWER 210 Lumens
LAMP 1 Maxbright LED
BURN TIME 10 Hours
WEIGHT 203 Grams