Nauticam Lens Multiplier

Use the Nauticam SMC Multiplier with the Nauticam Super Macro Converter SMC-1 close up lens to get even closer to the action. Boasting a 1:3.5 super macro shooting ration, you can be sure to get the head shot of that pygmy seahorse.

The Nauticam Super Macro Converter, (SMC) is fully optimized for in water use.  This unique and innovative lens will change the way that underwater macro photography is done.

“This is the sharpest accessory macro lens I have used. Something that it is truly remarkable because it is also the most powerful. Fantastic performance from the centre of the frame to the corners. It is a lens that pushes back the boundaries of the types of photos we can take underwater.”
-Dr. Alex Mustard (



Key advantages:

    • Higher magnification than other macro tools
    • Increased working distance
    • Better edge to edge image quality
    • Higher Contrast
    • Less color fringing
    • Compatible with “short” macro lenses that traditionally have not worked well with super macro accessories.