Mares LiquidSkin Sunrise Mask

Sorry, this item is now discontinued.

Technical Features

  • Comfort fit, best view
  • Bi-Silicone strap
  • Tricomfort technology
  • 2-button buckles

Sorry, this item is now discontinued. You may be interested in these alternative products.

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Mares LiquidSkin Sunrise Mask

Mares LiquidSkin Sunrise Mask is the third 2-window mask using LiquidSkin technology after the X-vision and Star. Beyond the natural comfort provided by LiquidSkin skirt, an additional soft silicone part is injected in the nose area acting like an anti-shock bumper. Also available in three colours.

The buckles are mounted directly to the silicone, thus making the buckles foldable. This feature offers prevention of accidental breakage, also a great way to keep the mask in the fin foot pocket. Technical divers keeping this as a back up mask would find it easily stored in the dive pockets or buoyancy compensator pockets.