IST SB-1 Inflatable Signal Buoy with Dive Flag


Surface marker with traditional U.S. dive flag.

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IST SB-1 Inflatable Signal Buoy with Dive Flag 

IST SB-1 Inflatable Signal Buoy with Dive Flag:

  • Inflatable surface buoy alerts those above the water to your location below
  • Wide, stable base and conical shape help keep the buoy in place
  • Bottom ring for attaching quick release weights in choppy or high-wind conditions
  • Includes 12 x 15” traditional U.S. diver down flag, bottom valve prevents overinflation
  • Inflated buoy dimensions: 14” tall x 13” in diameter

Get yourself carabiner, swivel snap bolt clip or butterfly clip to clip accessories on to BCDs. If not, you can consider accessory pocket to store your accessories on your BCD and you wouldn’t have to lose items while it is store in the pocket.

Use 500psi Salt Solution to help remove the harmful effects of salt water corrosion by totally removing salt deposits. It is the most effective salt removing treatment available, designed to be used on all dive equipment where salt water deposits are a problem.

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