IST RL-6 Reel 15m /45ft Aluminum Reel


For quick and easy deployment of lift bag, safety sausage, safety (deco) stop anchor etc.



IST RL-6 Reel 15m /45ft Aluminum Reel  

IST RL-6 Reel 15m /45ft Aluminum Reel has slightly changes to aluminum reels to achieve IST goal of perfection. The last 15ft (5m) line has been changed into orange color for the purpose of being as a decompression stop reminder for divers.

Strong string with special braiding capable of holding onto object with maximum 80kg / 176 lb (dry weight). Flared design makes for easier winding when wearing gloves underwater. Larger center hole can accommodate thicker gloves.

Constructed of tough anodized aluminum alloy for durability and come with a 10cm (4″) 304 stainless steel double clip.

Use 500psi Salt Solution to help remove the harmful effects of salt water corrosion by totally removing salt deposits. It is the most effective salt removing treatment available, designed to be used on all dive equipment where salt water deposits are a problem.

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