IST M27 Tortuga Mask

IST M27 Tortuga Dive Mask is a traditional single lens mask made with contemporary manufacturing method. Equipped with tempered glass and liquid injected silicon skirt, this mask is a favourite amongst the diving traditionalists.

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IST M27 Tortuga Mask

IST M27 Tortuga Mask is a traditional single lens dive mask made with contemporary manufacturing methods. To create it, IST implemented decades of engineering expertise and knowledge into the Classic retro mask. Evident from its tempered glass and liquid injected silicone, or the rugged new age metal band on the mask frame, which can probably take 50 years of abuse.

Besides its great materials, M27 Tortuga mask is also elegant in design. By adopting the nostalgic design from the good old days, there is just this indescribable mesmerising factor. And it’s precisely because of the design, divers are able to experience a great wide field of unobstructed vision.

M27 Tortuga is also a great fit for majority faces. The universal-fit trait makes Tortuga a great back-up mask for the occasional guests, or divers who may have forgotten to bring his or her masks.