IST KC01A Tank Shaped O-Ring Kit


This is a nifty kit to have during your dive trip!



IST KC01A Tank Shaped O-Ring Kit

IST KC01A Tank Shaped O-Ring Kit is just the one item you need in your “save-a-dive” kit! Never let a damaged o-ring make you abort your dive! It comes with o-ring hook to help hook out the o-ring from the tank valve and you can carry around with ease as it is small and act as a keychain.

  • Tank shaped key ring.
  • O-ring hook included.
  • Comes with spare tank o-rings to save a dive
    Ø11mm x 2.4mm *1pc
    Ø14mm x 2.4mm *3pcs

Always remember to wash the equipment with fresh / tap water after use and do not dry it under the sun. Please dry it under shade and if you want to dry it faster, you can place it in a room with air-conditioner or in a windy area. Do not use any detergent or soap to clean it.

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