ISC Mini High Force Retractor

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ISC Mini High Force Retractor

Introducing the ISC Mini High Force Retractor, a great solution to keep all your smaller accessories in place and avoid loss during dive trips. With a streamlined retractable mechanism, it keeps thing in a compact and orderly fashion.

Able to stretch to at least 0.45m of length. It comes with a stainless steel split ring, making it extremely easy to hook on any accessories and properly securing them. Moreover, it comes with a stainless steel clip, for hooking on to a BCD. The stainless steel material makes the clips highly durable and have better resistance against rust.

Like all dive equipments, you need to rinse it with freshwater after use and leave it to air dry. Avoid leaving it under the sun.

Good for use with any lightweight accessories or gauges. Not recommended for heavy or large objects.

Comes in a wide array of colours for the webbing.

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Blue, Orange, Pink, Grey, Dive flag, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow