Halcyon Infinity BCD

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Halcyon Infinity BCD

Gear up with the Halcyon Infinity BCD, and be prepared for a diving experience unlike any other. Establishing a new standard in single-tank diving, the Infinity BC offers unparalleled performance of a back mounted harness, and easy adjustability of a jacket BC. It is also possible to operate with a double tank setup.

The heart of the Infinity BC is its Cinch Quick-adjust harness. Not only does it offers quick adjustment, it also provides divers with unprecedented fit, and easy equipment removal. The Infinity also features Halcyon’s new Deluxe Harness Pads, which brings a new definition to comfort in diving.

As for the design, the Infinity taps back on Halcyon’s immensely popular eclipse wing. The long, narrow profile helps to support the tank along your entire height, preventing unnecessary drag and minimises in-water effort. A great feature that is greatly appreciated by many technical divers.

For more information on the look and design, please refer to the image gallery.