Gull Ventia Mask


This lightweight, super low-volume, skin diving oriented mask features a sharp look with prominent edges. It is not only suited for free divers, but also for scuba divers alike.

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Gull Ventia Mask

Gull Ventia Mask is design for super low-volume mask makes it easy to clear and sets the lenses close to the eyes for an expansive field of view. The soft skirt has rounded edges for a comfortable and effective seal that is less likely to leave impressions on the skin after your dive. The mask’s pinch buckles are easy to work with a single hand and are integrated into the skirt for increased stability.

Curled skirt lip with integrated strap: The skirt’s all-in-one design ensures firm but gentle contact with the face. Pulling on the strap keeps a tight yet gentle seal leaving fewer impressions on your skin.

Low volume: Low volume further improves the excellent arc of vision you get with the twin-lens design. Enjoy a wide view that’s great for any form of diving.

DX spec. mask buckle: The release buckle and fine pinch strap adjustability make it easy to find the most comfortable fit even when wearing thicker gloves. Can be adjusted with only using one hand.

Leakless system: The mask’s silicone body is optimized to avoid compromising the seal from facial muscle movement, maintaining a secured fit and great feel.

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