Gull Super Mew XX Fins


Most fins are manufactured with an even hardness across the blades. Super Mew XX fins are made with different hardness in the ribs and blades in order to obtain the required driving force underwater.

The ribbed shape firmly grasps the water by increasing the ribs (the height of the side fins), giving you better thrust underwater.



Gull Super Mew XX Fins

Gull Super Mew XX Fins are made with different hardness in the ribs and blades, obtaining the optimal driving force required underwater. This durable yet colourful fins are the perfect complement to both recreational and technical divers.

Achieving the same feel as its full-foot counterpart, SUPER MEW XX is made of an exclusive hybrid formula combining flexible and stiff rubber compounds to optimize comfort and performance.The midsize blade is quick and responsive. Its pronounced ribs and blade tip are crafted to catch high water volumes throughout the kick cycle for, powerful propulsion.

  • Sole designed to transmit power to the blade tip
  • Boot pocket designed to fit as well as full-foot fins and make it easy to get in to and get out of the fins
  • Newly designed blade
  • Hybrid rubber delivers even greater propulsion: Gull’s innovative production methods integrate varying stiffness levels of rubber for the foot pocket, ribs, and blades of a fin. Each engineered carefully for powerful and smooth propulsion.
  • Ribs designed to firmly catch the water: the raised blade ribs eliminate side planing and blade twist, which would otherwise occur with long fins. Fin work is smooth. The ribs maximize rubber rebound to enable you to enjoy confident, powerful propulsion.
  • Fin bottoms made for ease of use and safety
  • Supergrip System
  • Smooth water flow blade tip: the V-shaped tip of the blade allow water to smoothly flow away from the fin as you kick. This allows the blade to rebound more quickly ultimately allowing you to kick more efficiently without tiring out during your session.

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Mid Deep Blue, Black, White, Amairo Blue, Easter Green, Holi Pink


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