Gull Mantis 5 Mask

The Gull Mantis 5 Mask is the latest addition of twin lens mask in the Gull family. The design is sleek, and the wide variety of colours to choose from gives you the option to colour coordinate your dive gears.

One cool feature about this dive mask is that its frames comes with a slight inclination of 9.5 degree. As a result of this, it provides an extended downward arc that allows you to see more of your lower profile without having to rotate your head too much while underwater.

The Gull Mantis 5 also now comes with a brand new lip design. Making it ever more comfortable and less prone to leakage, as the curled lips design sits in perfectly on your cheeks when worn. Now, you can truly have a peace of mind while diving!

The lenses of this dive mask features super clear lenses. Free from impurities, It allows you to see more truly as compared to a standard tempered glass lens.



Gull Mantis 5 Mask

– Up-down arc of view

Low volume
Mantis 5 : 177 cc
Inner volume reduced to 12% less than Mantis Achieving lower volume enabled wider field of view

Mantis 5 : 225g

– With its extended downward arc of vision, the Mantis 5 provides a proper field of view down to chest level, which is where most diving tasks are carried.