Gull 3mm Wetsuit Men

This product has been discontinued.

A series of wetsuits made for any diving occasion. Ranging from heat retention-focused suits to high mobility suits, there is a Gull wetsuit for any preference whether skin or scuba diving.

This product has been discontinued.



Gull 3mm Wetsuit Men

Gull 3mm Wetsuit Men designed with the emphasis on heat retention and mobility, this wetsuit provides you with the warmth and comfort you need for dives in the tropical regions. The wetsuit features a long neck velcro to help secure the wetsuit at the neck region, and zippers on the forearm area for easy wearing, as well as improving dynamic mobility. The overall give of the stretch jersey further ensures unrestricted mobility when skin or scuba diving.

COMFORT NECK SYSTEM: Extended Velcro® fastener reaches right to the bottom of the throat. If you have a large or a slim neck, you can adjust a comfortably snug fit that properly keeps out water.

FIR (FAR INFRARED BRUSHED MATERIAL): Inside brushed material “FIR (far infrared brushed material)” is used on this wetsuit. The fabric absorbs the heat generated from the body, and releases it as far-infrared light, and it offers excellent warming effect. Keeping you warm.

EXCELLENT DETACHABILITY: In the conventional wet suit, we adopted somewhat longer than the wrist (20 cm) · ankle (16 cm) and general fastener, but in 2018 the longer wrist is 48 cm and the upper arm, the ankle is 54 cm and the thigh It has become a long zip fastener. This made desorption smoother overwhelmingly. By adopting a stretchable fastener and considering the installation position, the sense of discomfort when bending the knee or elbow is also reduced.


① FIR, not only high heat retention but also excellent fits with less rubbing against the skin due to raising
② use of jersey material excellent in elasticity not impeding movement of the stretch jersey body
③ elasticity in the core of the neoprene 3 layer layer And use materials excellent in heat retention

FLEXIBILITY ZIPPER: That zipper has making it possible be easy putting on, taking off and good motility.Therefore it would be adopting ankle and wrist.

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