Gull 2.5mm Jersey Pant


Ideal for resort diving, snorkeling, and skin diving, these models offer excellent mobility. Made with easy to move flexible fabric with a stylish color accent.



Gull 2.5mm Jersey Pant

Gull 2.5mm Jersey Pant is very flexible and easy to wear. It gives you sufficient warmth and is great for scuba diving or snorkelling. Ideal for water temperatures between 28 degrees celcius to 32 degrees celcius.

Form and Materials Designed for Increased Mobility:

Arms & Underarms

Stretchy inospan jersey is used to support movements during diving, as well as when putting on and taking off.

Sharp Look

Colours accentuate the jacket’s sleek shaping.

Why you should wear a wetsuit is a pretty easy question of course. You wear a wetsuit to stay warm in the water and avoid hypothermia in cold waters. Hypothermia is a too low body temperature (lower than 35 degrees). With a wetsuit, you can also stay in the water for a longer period. But there are many other reasons to wear a wetsuit in the water.

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