Dive1 Hydpro Q01 Power Inflator

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Dive1 Hydpro Q01 Power Inflator

HYDPRO power inflators, with an advanced piston based system (“EDGE” patented system), has been designed and manufactured for extreme conditions: high-depth diving and any other situation where the usual airflow simply won’t do. Softness of the buttons improves its ease of operation, and its gradual inflation system allows for precision buoyancy and maximum control. This is the top solution in HYDPRO’s technical/ professional range. Each power inflator is monitored with its own serial number

In addition to light weight, techno-polymer components ensure a better response to low temperatures and excellent resistance to any kind of scale deposits accumulation and encrustation.

HYDPRO P04 low profile connections and O.P.V. (Over pressure valves / dump valves) are made of high performance polymers with combined resistance to shocks and high tensile strengths for extreme temperatures