Cressi Piuma Mask

Sorry, this item is now discontinued

Technical Features

  • Original and extremely transparent Crystal Clear Silicone (Cressi exclusive)
  • Silicone High Seal for Dark version.
  • Single raked glass (Cressi patent) for an incredible field of vision
  • The special differentiated skirt structure allows it to fit comfortably to the face and seal perfectly.
  • Very narrow headband that is invisible when the mask is put on.
  • Instantly adjustable buckles attached to the headband via a flexible and indestructible element.
  • Minimum internal volume
  • The wide strap has a large surface area to rest on the back of the head

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Cressi Piuma Mask

Cressi Piuma Mask comes with a single lens, the glass of which has the special patented Cressi raked position which takes the field of vision to limits that have never before been seen in a mask with a single lens.

The soft skirt in hypoallergenic silicone adapts to most facial profiles.

The special two-coloured headband is made using a double injection system that allows a flexible elastomer element to be integrated into the structure.

The buckles, which tilt sideways, are incorporated into the structure of the headband and, thanks to the elastomer element, are indestructible.

Adjustment of the strap is quick and accurate, even when wearing thick gloves.

The internal volume of the Piuma is particularly low.

Who it is for

Cressi Piuma Mask, thanks to its broad field of vision and facial comfort, is the perfect mask for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving.

The minimum internal volume allows it to be used for free diving too.