Cressi 2000HF Fins

  • Fin Used by World Class Free Divers
  • Used for Diving to Record Depths
  • Combine’s Lightness, Thrust, Comfort and Durability
  • Soft and Comfortable Foot Pocket
  • Three-Material Patented Design
  • Snap Blade for High Efficiency
  • Shock and Abrasion Resistant
  • Cressi-Sub Quality
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Cressi 2000HF Fins

Introducing the Cressi 2000HF Fins, the first fin in the world to be made by combining three different materials. The blade is made from a special and incredibly reactive polypropylene. Not only is the blade light in weight, it also progressively charges up during each stride to help you take off like a spring at the exact moment the stride is inverted.

The foot pocket features a combination of soft elastomer and a suitably solid copolymer. The soft elastomer helps to give the comfort wrap around your foot and provide a perfect transmission of the leg-fin thrust. While the solid copolymer, hardens some critical zones of the foot. By doing so, helps to regulate and harmonise the bending, and protect your foot from shocks or abrasions.

These fins are extraordinarily light compared to equivalent models of rubber footed fins. And hence, also greatly reduces the inertial masses to a minimum to give you the full advantage of effort-efficiency ratio.

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40/41, 42/43