Camaro 2mm Titanium Long Sleeve Shirt

Sorry, this item is now discontinued.

Never be afraid of the cold in this Camaro 2mm titanium long sleeve shirt. A very flexible material and made of neoprene, it prevents water from entering, and gives you adequate warmth when you need it. Light weight and easy to dry!

Sorry, this item is now discontinued. You may be interested in these alternative products.



Camaro Exclusive Material: 2 mm SCS Titanium Open-Cell neoprene


Product feature of the Camaro 2mm Titanium Long sleeve Shirt

  • seams glued and blind-stitched, watertight
  • no zip, no stitching, and no pressure marks
  • the optimal warm under layer or can be worn on it’s own
  • shake it & it’s dry
  • light weight

Avvailable Sizes: XXS – XXXXL, unisex