BonitoSport Pressure-Depth Gauge




BonitoSport Pressure-Depth Gauge

BonitoSport Pressure-Depth Gauge is made in Italy. It comes with a rubber high pressure hose as well.

A diving depth gauge is a pressure gauge that displays the equivalent depth below the free surface in water. The relationship between depth and pressure is linear and accurate enough for most practical purposes, and for many purposes, such as diving, it is actually the pressure that is important. It is a piece of diving equipment used by underwater divers, submarines and submersibles.

As the gauge only measures water pressure, there is an inherent inaccuracy in the depth displayed by gauges that are used in both fresh water and seawater due to the difference in the densities of fresh water and seawater due to salinity and temperature variations.

A depth gauge that measures the pressure of air bubbling out of an open ended hose to the diver is called a pnneumofathometer. They are usually calibrated in metres of seawater or feet of seawater.

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