Audaxpro Travel BCD

The Audaxpro Travel BCD weighs only 2 kg, which is the perfect travel BCD you can find. It has been designed for air travellers who cannot renounce to the high quality and comfort of Audaxpro products. Ready to follow you in any adventure, the Audaxpro Travel BCD comes provided with a practical bag.



Audaxpro Travel BCD is especially designed lightweight BCD for those divers who often prefer to travel by plane and don’t like to relinquish with the premium and comfortable of Audaxpro BCD. This Travel BCD comes with a T.M.S. (Technical Modular System) which enables the user to configure, shape, and put together the BCD as per requirement. It can be adapted to the physical shape of the user and upgrade with a wide range of accessories. The Travel BCD has a simple harness that is adjustable even when the user is wearing it in the water. The variable structure of the Travel BCD makes it comfortable and safe to wear.

Audaxpro BCD is suitable for scuba guides and divers that prefer night immersions or low visibility diving, due to reflective textile. Users also get the option of different colors that include sparkling single colors and bi-color combination. Moreover, Travel BCD provides the added advantage of carrying it comfortable with its own bag, thus no space issues or the need of an extra suitcase.