Apollo Bio Metal Pro Mask


A general mask lens without coating has a surface reflection of about 5% per surface. However by using the optimised hard multi-coating technology used in cameras and eyeglasses, this bio-AR lens reduces a surface reflection of visible light down to less than 0.5% per surface to ensure a clear view. As a result, the light during night diving and the glare of the searchlight on the water surface are reduced, and the contrast of the field of view is also improved.

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Apollo Bio Metal Pro Mask

Apollo Bio Metal Pro Mask;

The main difference with this Bio-Metal Pro Mask is that the frame is carved out from a single stainless steel plate. That’s what makes it stand out from the rest of the masks you see in the market. With that said, it is then painstakingly hand-finished by skilled metal polishing craftsmen at Apollo Japan.

Why use stainless steel frame? 

Lightweight mask is comfortable in the fitting on land, however in the water, the internal volume of the mask makes it positively buoyant. Thus causing instability for underwater works for most professional divers.
With the bio-metal mask pro, the imbalance weight ratio is minimised due to the adoption of stainless steel frame. Hence effectively canceling the buoyancy of the inner volume. As a results the fit in the water becomes weightlessness sensation totally different from the fit on land. It is now neutrally buoyant!

It is the mask that has been well thought out for the professional divers.

The mask lens are fitted with AR (Anti reflection) Coating. These bio-AR lens is Nippon Sensuiki’s revolutionary optical coated lens that outperforms any other coating in the diving mask market. Our most popular bio-metal mask pro come standard with this high-quality optical coated lens, making for an incredible value.