Apollo Bio Metal Duo Mask

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Apollo Bio Metal Duo Mask

Apollo Bio Metal Duo Mask is 100 percent made in Japan. The anti bacterial treated soft silicone skirt ensure that bacteria is not easily built up on the frame of the mask. The mask comes in clear silicone and black silicone.

Being a low volume mask, it require very little effort for clearing of the mask, small air volume of expelled air from the nose will clear the mask. The low volume mask also define the distance of the lens distance to the eyes, when the distance of the lens is closer to the eyes, it will enhance the field of vision. A wider vision will allow the diver to see more underwater.

Apollo Bio Metal Mask uses an aluminium frame, it also define that it is more resistant to damage. The collapsable buckles prevent the buckles from breaking. The mask strap uses an micro adjustment scheme resulting in finer adjustment of the mask skirt to the face, increasing the comfort of the diver.

Material: Strong slim line aluminium, polishing

Skirt color: Clear

Anti bacterial treatment and soft silicone skirt

Smoked silicone skirt (PAT.P)

Lens: 4mm tempered glass lens

Volume: 60cc

Outer dimensions: 170×105×55mm

Weight: 185g